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Kamal Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd.


Kamal Aviation Services is a Private limited company incorporated under the company's act duly approved by the civil Aviation Authority., Govt. of India. The company is leading service provider to the commercial and corporate aircraft operating in Agra.

The Head office is located at Agra, India and representatives are available at most of the major airports in India. Regional airports are being looked after by positioning the official in advance for the purpose of handling and coordination for the flight from nearest location

Kamal Aviation Services have a team well experienced employees in their network consisting the experience from 10 years in aviation Industry for Domestic & International Airlines.

Services at a glance:

We provide Air Charter services to our clients on prenegotiated rates for twin engine jets , turboprop. Aircraft helicopter services as per the requirement to the various destinations in India and abroad. We also Provide Ambulance Services for the sick persons on immediate requirement.

We obtain specific permissions from Indian Civil Air for carrying dangerous goods by air As per UN numbers of the goods as notified by the operator and also ensure the packages as per ICAO norms.

We handle Tourist Charter Flights to Tourist Destinations in India and Nepal directly by arranging special teams of immigration and custom authorities for such airports which are not declared International ie. Agra, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Gaya etc. We make Special arrangements for non-scheduled operations and tourist destined to Buddhist Circuits. Also the flight destined to tourist attraction places like Goa, Madurai etc.

Our most efficient teams are deputed to assist and expeditious clearances for passengers and crews by making special transport arrangements and hotel accommodation on prenegotiated rates.

Job Profile:

  1. Obtaining Landing & Overflying permits from Civil Aviation Authority.
  2. Payment to all relevant authorities on behalf of our principal's credit basis.
  3. Provision of Flight Planning / Weather Forecast & Notams prior departure of the flight.
  4. Provision of Ground handling services from Cessna to B-747 aircraft are arranged on pre-negotiated rates through authorized ground handling companies at any locations in India.
  5. Types of aircraft handling :
    i.Business corporate jets
    ii.Sate VVIP/VIP flights
    iii.Ambulance (Relief flights)
    iv.Demonstration aircrafts
    v.Tourist Charter aircrafts
    vi.Cargo aircrafts
  6. Aircraft Charted Services: Jets, Turbo Prop aircrafts, helicopter charter services and charter professional services are arranged on pre-negotiated rates for domestic & International operation
  7. Hotel Booking / Car / Security Services / Escort Service are arranged for passengers and Crew at various locations in India on pre-negotiated rates. Round a clock Aircraft personal security is arranged inside and outside Airport for Passengers and Crew members.
  8. In flight catering and refueling are arranged as per instructions.
  9. Liaison with State/Union Govt. of India for all matters pertaining to Customs immigration, Health Department., Security and Director General of tourism.
  10. Obtaining slots from Airports Authority at all Airports.


  • CAA Permision
  • Business Aviation Services
  • Ground Handling Service
  • Hotel Accomodation & Arrangement
  • Aircraft Charter Service
  • Flight Plan Weather Brief Notams
  • Refueling Arrangement
  • In Flight Catering

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