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Kamal Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd.

Services Offered

  • Supervision of corporate and commercial jets in India.
  • Coordination towards Obtaining Govt. of India permits for Technical stops/ Overflight/ relief / cargo flights and tourist charters to India.
  • Complete coordination with Airports Authority of India, D.G.C.A and Ministry of Defence.
  • Obtaining the slots for Landing/Take-off at airports in India mainly Agra.
  • Providing Security Services in side and out side the airport on all over India Bases.
  • Liaison with the state and the union government of India for all matters Pertaining to Security, Customs, Immigration and Health.
  • Aircraft charter services in India and abroad on pre-negotiated rates.
  • Arrangement of hotel accommodation and transport for crew and passengers on Cash/credit at specially pre-negotiated rates.
  • Coordination with in-flight catering facilities.
  • Coordination with refueling agencies.
  • Compilation of Civil Aviation Requirements (C.A.R) and Aeronautical Information Services (A.I.S) and class I & II Notams.
  • Effecting payments/accounts administration on behalf of our principals with AAI and other airport agencies.
  • Initiation/Negotiation of long term ground handling agreements with handlers in India

Landing and Overfly Permits

Kamal Aviation is able to process flight clearance permits promptly and efficiently. We maintain close relationships with the Civil Aviation Authorities and authorized agencies around the world in order to secure over-flight and landing permits, even with a client's short notice. We ensure that our clients get regular updates of flight clearance rules and any type of any political activity that may affect their journey. In addition to keeping the operator in touch with his aircraft movements.

Kamal Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. provides a full range of flight operations and dispatching. Our licensed dispatchers can release flights, provide flight plans, weather packages, communication with the aircraft, and send and receive messages by fax and/or e-mail.

Ground Handling

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by seeking perfection in absolutely everything we do. This search for perfection has become an integral part of our corporate culture, "both in the air, as well as on the ground". As a result of this, Kamal Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. is considered one of the leading companies for Ground Handling services in India.

The reason for our continuous success in this area is quite simple – we endeavor to create long-term partnerships built on mutual trust, respect and integrity, not only for our clients, but also for our partners.

With Kamal Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. Credit Facility, your crew doesn't need to travel with cash as sometimes it can cause complications in some parts of the world. (Please remember that a lot of stations area still do not accept payments by credit card). We know all the charges applicable at each location, thus you avoid paying any extra or hidden fees which are often charged by some handlers when your aircraft is on the ground.

  • Pushback, towing and repositioning.
  • Aircraft cleaning.
  • Toilet services/ Potable water services.
  • Load Control, communications, flight operation, dispatch.
  • Crew Services.
  • Representation, traffic rights & Supervisions.

Aircraft Charter

Because your passenger is our customer too

we have skilled staff in both operations and ground handling for passenger services. Dedicated services will make you and your product feel at home. Kamal Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. cares for each airline in an individual, flexible and trustworthy way.

Our competence is based on our highly skilled and motivated staff, the professional training and continuous quality improvements together with our longstanding experience in the airline business.

We offer our Customers an integrated range of high quality services for passengers, ramp and load control services at all airports.

We can tailor our products to the specific needs of each of our Customers, offering all or a mix of the following services:

Our Ground Handling Services:

  • Passengers Check in
  • Boarding
  • Lost and Found 24/7 (24 hours/ 7days a week)
  • Ramp Services
  • Marshalling
  • Parking
  • Start up communication
  • Cargo (subcontractors)
  • Baggage handling


  • CAA Permision
  • Business Aviation Services
  • Ground Handling Service
  • Hotel Accomodation & Arrangement
  • Aircraft Charter Service
  • Flight Plan Weather Brief Notams
  • Refueling Arrangement
  • In Flight Catering

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